Optical Alignment Tool


The “Optical Alignment Tool” makes setting scopes easy, for error-free parallax and for perfectly adjusted cheek pieces making your setup the best it can possibly be.

Simply place the “Optical Alignment Tool” cap over the rear scope lens and centrally align the reticle crosshair from within the scope with the crosshair slot on the “Optical Alignment Tool” cap.

If you can’t see your scope’s reticle through the “Optical Alignment Tool” then perfect alignment has not been achieved and this means your head position is not perfectly central behind the scope and will lead to parallax errors, a simple adjustment to your cheekpiece will achieve a perfect central alignment of both scope reticle and “Optical Alignment Tool”. The crosshair gaps on the Optical Alignment Tool are set to 0.75mm wide with a 3mm center.

“Optical Alignment Tool” is made from Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and fits most makes of the scopes’ rear lenses, measuring 41.5mm in diameter, Please contact us if a different size is required.

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