Carbon Fibre Sports Rifle Wind indicator


Carbon Fibre Sports Rifle Wind indicator.

Fits around the Air-Cylinder and swings 180 degrees forward to backwards for right or left-handed shooters and is supplied with a cord and coloured feather.

These can be made in various colours just too many to list so if you do have a colour in mind let us know I’m sure we can help.

Steyr, AirArms, Walther Thomas & More All rings are made from PETG 3D filament with rods made from Carbon Fibre. Ring sizes are as follows-

16mm (Walther LGU Barrel)

18mm (Air Arms TX200 Barrel)

31.5mm (S400, FTP900, EV2 Cylinder)

33.5mm (Walther Dominator Cylinder)

34.5mm (Steyr LG100/110)

38.1mm (Thomas Cylinder)


A Carbon Fibre Sports Rifle Wind indicator, perfect for both right and left-handed shooters. This accessory attaches around the Air-Cylinder and swings forward and backward for easy wind detection. It comes with a cord and a colorful feather. Available in various colors to suit your preference. Compatible with popular rifle brands like Steyr, AirArms, Walther, and Thomas. Crafted with PETG 3D filament rings and Carbon Fibre rods. Choose from different ring sizes to fit your specific rifle model.

Additional information

Rifle Model

, , , , , , , , , ,

Rod Length

100mm, 150mm


Black, Email for Other Colour, Purple

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